Design and Engineering

Our design group at US Signs is a professional, highly creative, full-service internal graphics team. Our designers provide layouts and visual renderings for all your sign projects. US Signs’ project managers work directly with the graphics team to ensure your sign standards are complete and up-to-date to help you maintain your brand's integrity.

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Our team of designers will:

  • Provide layouts and visual renderings for all your prospective projects.
  • Compose presentations that are both professional and easy to comprehend.
  • Create artwork aimed towards the approval of city planning committees and landlord requirements.
  • Support your deadlines by maintaining quick turnaround. Our revision rate is as low as 2-3 hours and even during high volume, never longer than 3 days.

Design departments are located in both the Houston Corporate and Denton Regional Offices. Licensed and skilled engineering partners are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America

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